2015 1 Oz. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf – A Symbol of Canada

The 2015 1 Oz. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin is one of the many gold products that features the maple leaf design. People from outside Canada immediately associate the maple leaf with that country. Yet, the maple leaf is even more significant to the people of Canada for many historical reasons.

Maples as a Food Source

The aboriginal people of Canada used the sap of the maple tree as an important food source long before European settlers arrived.

Maple Syrup as a Product

Once settlers arrived in Canada from Europe, they began harvesting the maple’s sap to produce maple syrup. This provided them with both a plentiful source of sugar and a product they could sell. Even to this day, visitors to Canada often purchase bottles of high quality maple syrup to bring home with them after their journey.

National Symbol

‘The Maple Leaf Forever’ was Canada’s national song for many years. The Maple Leaf is also a symbol of the Canadian military. The Maple Leaf was first denoted as the national symbol of Canada in 1860, and was included on the Canadian Flag in 1865.

Products of the Royal Canadian Mint

RCM is well known for producing high quality gold bars and gold coins such as the 1 Oz. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin. With their attention to detail, superior refining processes and commitment to excellence, the Royal Canadian Mint stands out as a prominent producer of fine gold products featuring the Maple Leaf design.

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