100 Oz Silver Bar Sunshine Mint .999 Fine – Factors that Contribute to Large Silver Bars’ Lower Prices

One of the most economical investment choices is a large silver bar such as the 100 oz. silver bar Sunshine Mint .999 Fine. Several factors influence the price of these somewhat hefty bars. Here are some of the reasons you can get more silver for your money when you purchase 100 oz. bars instead of coins or smaller bars.

Not Legal Tender

Coins may be legal tender, but silver bars definitely are not. They are bullion articles designed for investment alone. Because of this, you pay a lower premium for silver bars than coins.

Low Production Costs

A silver coin typically has an intricate design created by an artist or master engraver. In addition, striking coins is a more difficult and time-consuming process than pouring or stamping silver bars such as the 100 oz. Sunshine Mint .999 Fine silver bar. And, the larger the bar, the less work it entails.

Sunshine Minting Advantage

Sunshine Minting is a private mint that operates in the United States. It is a reputable company, but it is also a company that focuses its resources on producing high quality bars at a significant savings compared to many other global mints.

GMRgold Silver Investment Experts’ Choice

At GMRgold, you can speak to our precious metals experts by calling (877) 795-9585 any time. While our silver experts love the value of the 100 oz. Sunshine Mint Silver Bars, we also recognize that each investor has unique goals and a budget that works right for them. When you  talk to  our experts, they will help you discover the fine silver option that is right for you.