10 Oz. Silver Bar Sunshine Mint .999 Fine – The Importance of Purity in Silver

The 10 oz. silver bar from Sunshine Mint is a .999 Fine silver product. If you are a new silver investor, you might wonder what all this talk of purity is all about. After all, a bar with a metal content of 1 troy ounce of silver has the same amount of the precious metal as a heavier bar with the same silver metal content. So, why does purity matter anyway?

Metal Softness

While fine gold bars are extremely soft, .999 pure silver bars such as those from Sunshine Mint are plenty durable enough to stack without any concerns about them being damaged. For fine silver bars, softness is not as much of an issue.

Enduring Value

Purer silver bars retain their value very well over time. Those that have less pure silver in them may become less valuable in the future, regardless of their condition.

Experienced Investors Prefer It

Fine silver bars such as the 10 oz. silver bar from Sunshine Mint can garner a high price than a less pure silver bar. And, if an investor has been buying silver for several years, the fineness of the silver will have a major bearing on how much physical space it takes to store it. Experienced silver investors nearly always choose silver that is at least 99.9% pure.

Meet Buyers’ Expectations

For silver bars, .999 fine has become the purity buyers expect. If you show up with a bar that is less pure, the buyer is likely to hesitate. Then, if they are as wise as you are, they are almost sure to leave the offer on the table and go find a seller who can offer them what they expect to buy.

GMRgold’s Fine Silver Options

Once you understand the need for a high level of purity, you might wonder what the best investment option is for you. Our GMRgold precious metals experts can explain your choices and help you get started with fine silver coins and bars such as the Sunshine Mint 10 oz. Silver Bar with .999 Fineness.