1 Oz. Silver Buffalo Rounds – Advantages of Choosing Rounds Over Coins

The 1 Oz. Silver Buffalo Rounds come in a tube of 20 for easy investing. For those who are new to investing in silver, the option of buying rounds may be confusing. The first thing to know is what they are. Then, consider these advantages of buying rounds.

Physical Aspects of Rounds

Rounds have the same weight and purity as coins of the same type. For example, the 1 Oz. Silver Buffalo Rounds are .999 pure and contain 1 troy ounce of silver, just like the 1 Oz. Silver Buffalo coins.

Rounds may have slight variations compared to coins. For instance, the mint date may be omitted in some examples of the 1 Oz. Silver Buffalo Rounds.


The design on these rounds is the same James Earle Fraser design found on the Silver Buffalo coins. A Native American is shown on the obverse and an American buffalo is featured on the reverse of the rounds, just the same as the coins.

Cost Advantage

Silver rounds have no numismatic value, so the price premium for them is only slightly above the current spot price of silver. They trade consistently at this level. In addition, when you buy tubes of the rounds, you get a volume discount.


Buying a tube of 20 1 Oz. Silver Buffalo Rounds is much more convenient than buying individual coins. The pricing is straightforward, because there is no question about their lack of numismatic value. These rounds are ideal for investors who want to add to their precious metals quickly and easily.

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