1 Oz. Gold Bar PAMP Suisse – Amazing Quality from the PAMP Suisse Mint

The PAMP Suisse Mint, also known as Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux (translated as Artistic Precious Metal Products) is a world-leading private mint that produces the 1 Oz. PAMP Suisse Non-Fortuna Gold Bar, among many other products. PAMP Suisse is known for its superb gold refining and its attention to design details.

History of PAMP Suisse Mint

PAMP Suisse started out as a mint that produced bullion bars with weights of less than 100 grams. At that time, the mint was also known as an alloy specialist, providing precious metals of various purity levels to jewelry- and watch-makers.

PAMP Suisse Now

Since its beginning in 1977, PAMP Suisse Mint has changed courses. Now, it is known for producing high quality bullion bars ranging from 12.5 kilograms to 1 gram. In fact, its gold bars of 50 grams or less lead the world market.

The 1 Oz. Non-Fortuna Bar

While PAMP Suisse Mint’s 1 Oz. Lady Fortuna Bar has done much to increase the interest in small ingot bars, the 1 Oz. Non-Fortuna PAMP Suisse Gold Bar has also become extremely popular. It is a beautiful gold bar of .9999 purity in the 1 Oz. weight and features the guarantees for the weight and purity on the bar itself. It’s a classic representation of bullion and a sound investment opportunity.


This gold bar is approved for precious metals IRAs, making it is an excellent choice for those wishing to invest in gold bars with high purity.

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A Moral Supplier

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