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90% Silver Coins - $100 Face Value Mixed Coinage


$1,374.32 /ea


  • Title: 90% Silver Coins - $100 Face Value Mixed Coinage
  • Purity: .900
  • Metal: Silver
  • Weight: 71.5 oz

Full Description

These $100 face value bags of 90% silver coins each contain a mixed number of silver coins produced in the United States before 1965. Today, these silver coins are rarely found in circulation, instead are now valued for their silver content, as the melt value of silver in each coin is worth far more than the face value of the coin. These coins are divided into lots, at our discretion, and each lot contains coins with a total face value of $100 dollars and approximately 71.5 troy ounces of silver.

Details of $100 Face Value Bag of 90% Silver Pre-1965 US Coinage

Every one of these bags contains silver coins with exactly $100 US dollars in face value, randomly made up of dimes, quarters, and half-dollars, each of which was struck from a 10% copper and 90% silver alloy. These coins are in circulated condition, and many show substantial wear. This does not affect the silver content, but it does mean the coins have little numismatic value and are, instead, prized chiefly for the melt value of silver in each coin. Due to the immense volume of silver coins in these lots, GMRGold cannot honor requests for specific coin denominations or mint years.

Full Description


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