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$250 Face Value 40% Silver Coin Bag Official U.S. Government Issues

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  • Title: $250 Face Value 40% Silver Coin Bag Official U.S. Government Issues

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40% Silver Coin Bag - Official U.S. Government Issues All bags contain United States 40% silver dimes, or quarters, or half dollars dated after 1964. This item contains a Quarter Bag or $250.00 face value. This $250 bag will contain 2,500 dimes, or 1,000 quarters, or 500 half dollars. This $250 bag may contain a mixture of dimes, quarters and halves totalling $250.00 face value. Silver bag prices are based on a small premium over its silver content. A $250.00 bag contains approximately 73.75 ounces of .999 silver, and the bags normally contain circulated silver coins. On occasion, uncirculated silver bags are available at an additional premium cost. For more information about this outstanding opportunity, please contact Global Monetary Reserve now toll free at 877-795-9585. Whether you want to buy now, or buy later, our experienced staff is here to assist you in your purchase. Global Monetary Reserve offers the best prices in the market if you decide you want to sell your current inventory. Contact us today to talk with a buyer. Thank you for your interest in our products and services. Your business is important to us.

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