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2015 1/2 Ounce Chinese Gold Panda

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  • Title: 2015 1/2 Ounce Chinese Gold Panda
  • Purity: .999
  • Metal: Gold
  • Weight: 1/2 oz

Full Description

The 1/2 Ounce Chinese Gold Panda is the second-largest coin of the Chinese Gold Panda series, being eclipsed only by the 1 Ounce Gold Panda. Like all gold bullion coins manufactured by the Chinese Mint, the 1/2 oz Gold Panda has its authenticity and gold content fully backed by the Chinese government. The 1/2 oz Gold Panda is a popular fractional gold coin among investors who buy gold coins online. The 1/2 oz Gold Panda is legal tender in China and carries a face value of 200 Yuan. Details of the 1/2 Ounce Gold Panda The reverse of the 2015 Gold Panda depicts a lone panda, squatting on his backside. Though an ergonomically-incorrect sitting position, this panda simply is beyond caring, being too busy snacking on some delicious branches and airily contemplating his solitude. He is vaguely and uncomfortably aware, however, that his likeness is forever frozen for posterity, stamped into countless gold coins which, to him, embody the folly of man's endless and profligate pursuit of wealth, no matter the consequences. Indeed, the panda's ultimate view of man's fate is bleak. "Imperishable monuments and immortal deeds, death itself and love greater than death, will be as though they had never been. The energies of our system will decay, the glory of the sun will be dimmed, and the earth, tide less and inert, shall no longer tolerate the race which has for a brief moment disturbed its solitude. Man will go down into the pit and all his thoughts will perish. The uneasy consciousness, which in this obscure corner has for a brief space broken the contented silence of the universe, will be at rest." The obverse shows the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest in Beijing, Chinese characters meaning "People's Republic of China", and the mint year.

Full Description


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