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20 Franc Gold French Angel


$261.18 /ea


  • Title: 20 Franc Gold French Angel
  • Purity: .900
  • Metal: Gold
  • Weight: .1867 oz

Full Description

A wonderful investment opportunity, the Low Premium 20 Franc Gold coin provides investors, and coin collectors alike a chance to hold a piece of history! Valued more for the .1867 troy ounces of .900 gold, then its condition: owning a shiny piece of history has never been easier!  

Minted from 1871 until 1898, the 20 Franc gold coin was considered by many to be a lucky charm, and depicts a beloved French design.

Originally created during the French Revolution by artist Augustine Dupre for the 1 Louis D'Or gold coin in 1792, the angelic image is said to have saved the life of the artist. Scheduled to be executed, Dupre prayed to the angel on the coin in his pocket for salvation, and was saved when the easily bribed executioner caught sight of the gold.

The Obverse

An angel is shown in full body, standing next to a pillar, ready to inscribe a large tablet. A rooster is shown on the right side of the coin, and a pillar with a figure is shown on the left. Dupre's signature is shown below the image of the angel.

The Reverse

"Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite" are inscribed around the upper part of the coin, the denomination and year of minting is shown inside a ceremonial wreath that encompasses the center of the coin.


Originally created during the French Revolution by artist Augustine Dupre, the angelic image that is shown on the obverse of the coin is considered to be a lucky charm.

Full Description


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