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$2.5 Indian Gold Quarter Eagle AU

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  • Title: $2.5 Indian Gold Quarter Eagle AU
  • Purity: 0.9
  • Metal: Gold
  • Weight: 0.1209 oz

Full Description

In AU (Almost Uncirculated) condition, the $2.50 Indian Quarter Eagle is considered to show small traces of wear, which are visible on the highest point of the coins design

While the Mint was rallying for a way to stamp the design created by Saint-Gaudens, the smaller denominations were put on the back burner until the Eagle and Double Eagles release in 1907. This gave President Roosevelt the perfect opportunity to begin commissioning his own artist; and he would get the opportunity for the creation of one of the most unique designs every minted in U.S. history.

Minted from 1908 until 1916, and once again in 1929: the Indian Head Quarter Eagle is the only coin minted by the U.S. to feature a recessed design and was created by sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt. With a denomination of $2.50, the coins .1209 troy ounces of .900 gold make it more valuable than its face value.


On the Obverse, a realistic Indian brave with war bonnet is shown, with the date, thirteen stars, and “Liberty” forming a circle around the startling portrait.


Shown on the Reverse is Pratt’s rendition of the eagle used on the Indian Head Eagle designed by Saint-Gaudens, and used as the basis for the new design by Pratt. The eagle stands proudly, posing upon fasces, and an olive branch; the intertwined symbols of preparedness and peace.

Full Description


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