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1907 $10 Indian Head NGC MS65

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  • Title: 1907 $10 Indian Head NGC MS65

Full Description

The year was 1904, and President Theodore Roosevelt was on a mission. He wanted the U.S. Mint to produce more beautiful coins. After seeing that Augustus Saint-Gaudens was hire to make a more artistic design, Roosevelt told him he wanted the coin to feature a feathered Indian headdress. Saint-Gaudens, a sculptor with no experience designing coins, created a design that was completely unsuitable for minting. After several rounds of revisions, new dies were created, and the $10 Indian Head was finally minted from 1907 to 1933. A beautiful coin indeed, this $10 Indian Head NGC MS65 coin is in Uncirculated condition, making it a fine addition for collectors of numismatic coins.


Saint-Gaudens’ obverse design features Lady Liberty facing left and wearing a feathered Indian war bonnet. Drawing inspiration from South Carolinian Harriet Eugenia Anderson, Saint-Gaudens had sculpted a bust for a monument. He never used that bust, but incorporated the features in the Lady Liberty of the $10 Indian Head coin. Above Lady Liberty’s head are 13 stars representing the 13 original colonies, and below is the year.


An eagle stands on a bundle of arrows with an olive branch below on the reverse side of this coin. Below the eagle is the face value of ‘Ten Dollars,’ while above it are the words ‘United States of America’ and the motto ‘E Pluribus Unum.

Full Description


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