100 oz. Silver Bullion Bullet

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  • Title: 100 oz. Silver Bullion Bullet
  • Purity:
  • Metal:
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Want a great investment opportunity that will help protect you against an uncertain future? How about this 100 ounce Silver Bullion bullet!

It's a unique way to diversify your investment and protect yourself from downward trends in the market like inflation. Each bullet is 100 ounces of .999 Fine Silver.  The inscription for the purity and quantity for the bullion is shown on the base of the bullet.

30 mm ammunition isn't typically used for combating personnel, what they are used for is against armored vehicles, and well fortified bunkers.

You can take advantage of this 100 oz 30 mm bullet's exceptional price, and protect yourself at the same time from financial insecurity. 


  • Weight of each bullet: 100 oz.
  • Purity of the Silver: .999 fine silver

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