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1 oz Copper Round - Peace Dollar Design

$1.50 /ea


  • Title: 1 oz Copper Round - Peace Dollar Design
  • Purity: .999
  • Metal: Copper
  • Weight: 1 oz

Full Description

When you want to invest in .999 Fine Copper, our 1 oz ADVP Peace Dollar Copper Round is a fine replica of the US minted silver coin. This .999 fine copper bullion is a great way to buy copper, and you can show off this beautiful quality made round to your friends and family.

The Obverse

Originally designed by Anthony de Francisci, the Peace Dollar coin was the result of a competition to find designs emblematic of peace and was struck in silver in 1921 and was the last dollar coin struck in silver. The obverse depicts the profile of Lady Liberty.

The Reverse

The back of the coin depicts a Bald Eagle at rest clutching an olive branch, with the legend "Peace". It was the last United States dollar coin to be struck in silver for circulation.

Pure copper rounds, like the one ounce .999 Copper Peace Dollars are sensitive to the oils of the human hand. GMRgold recommends handling your coins with gloves, or by the edges to avoid staining the surface. Store in a sulfur-free environment, like the pvc tubing, or capsules to ensure the longevity of your investment.

Full Description


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