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1 oz Copper Round - American Bald Eagle

$1.50 /ea


  • Title: 1 oz Copper Round - American Bald Eagle
  • Purity: .999
  • Metal: Copper
  • Weight: 1 oz

Full Description

Our country’s National bird, the American Bald Eagle is given new life on a shiny .999 pure copper coin thanks to the Texas based company Elemental Direct, formerly known as NTR Metals. Minted right here in the United States, the American Bald Eagle copper coin is the perfect way for patriots to invest in the precious metal.

GMR is proud to offer a wide variety of patriotic copper items, that are guaranteed for their weight and purity. Exhibiting exceptional craftsmanship, and stunning imagery: the one-ounce .999 pure copper rounds offered by GMR are sure to give collectors and investors many years of satisfaction.

The American Bald Eagles is quite possibly one of the most intricately associated symbols for the United States of America. Featured on countless national monuments, and currency, the Bald Eagle one-ounce pure copper coin makes the animal the center of its very own coin! Native to North America, the predatory bird has long been a cultural icon for Native Americans, and for the United States.

The Obverse

Featured on the Obverse of the American Bald Eagle one-ounce copper round is the rightward facing visage of an imposing bald eagle. Incredible detail was paid to the feathering of the animal; showcasing various textures and sizes of the bird’s plumage.

The Reverse

Shown on the Reverse of the one-ounce pure copper round is a simple, yet striking design created by minting company. A very characteristic striped and starred shield is shown in minimal detail and surrounding the shield are thirteen stars; which appear on many of our nation’s coinage to pay homage to the original 13 states. Above the weight, and purity of the coin is noted.

Pure copper rounds, like the one ounce .999 Copper American Bald Eagle coins are sensitive to the oils of the human hand. GMR recommends handling your coins with gloves, or by the edges to avoid staining the surface. Store in a sulfur-free environment, like the pvc tubing, or capsules to ensure the longevity of your investment.

Full Description


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