$1 Liberty Gold Dollar (Type 3) NGC MS-61

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  • Title: $1 Liberty Gold Dollar (Type 3) NGC MS-61
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  • Metal: Gold
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Graded by the trusted Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC) as Mint State 61, the $1 Liberty Gold Coin is considered to be in Uncirculated condition: characterized by showing no trace of wear, but may show a number of contact marks, and may be spotted or lack luster.

First released in 1849, the gold dollar went through three separate designs, or types, before it was discontinued in 1889. A result of the increase in gold bullion from the California gold rush, Congress authorized the production of the gold one-dollar on March 3,1849; also passed in the legislation was a call for the first ever $20 Double Eagle gold coin. 

Designed by James B. Longacre, who had become the Mint's Chief Engraver in 1844, the Type 3 design replaced the Type 2 design in 1856, and is typically referred to as the "large head" design, and was an adaptation of a similar design that appeared on the $3 gold piece.

The Obverse 
The obverse shows Lady Liberty depicted as an Indian princess. Longacre had designed this version of Liberty after the Venus Accroupie, or Crouching Venus: a sculpture on display, at the time, in the Philadelphia museum. "United States of America" is inscribed around the enlarged design  

The Reverse 
On the Reverse of the coin, Longacre used the Reverse design which appeared on the 3-dollar coin, which depicts an "agricultural wreath." Composed of corn, tobacco, cotton, and wheat--the design unites industries of the North and South. Shown inside of the wreath, is the denomination, and the year of the coins minting.

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