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$1 Liberty Gold Dollar (Type 1) PCGS MS-63

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  • Title: $1 Liberty Gold Dollar (Type 1) PCGS MS-63
  • Purity: .900
  • Metal: Gold
  • Weight: 0.0484 oz

Full Description

Graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) as Mint State 63, the $1 Liberty Gold Coin is considered to be in Choice Uncirculated condition: characterized by some distracting contact marks or blemishes, and a luster that may be impaired.

The gold dollar was first released in 1849,  and underwent several revisions to the design until the denomination was discontinued in 1889. Record setting amounts of gold were making there way to American mints and thanks to the California Gold Rush, the sums increased the supply tremendously.

Congress authorized the minting of the gold one-dollar coins with legislation passed in 1849. Chief Engraver at the time, James B. Longacre began work on the gold dollar, and the Double Eagle coins that were authorized to be minted. The type one design, which is the first of three, is essentially a scaled down version of the Double Eagle liberty released at the same time.

Type 1 designs were released from 1849 until 1854.

The Obverse

Shown on the Obverse of the small gold coin is the leftward facing profile of lady liberty. Struck in beautiful detail, the design is remarkable for retaining so many features on such a small scale. Surrounded by 13 stars, representing the original 13 states, liberty is shown with a coronet sitting atop her well styled hair.

The Reverse

The Reverse of the coin is a simple design that is characteristic of many American numismatic coins, and show the year and denomination of the coin in the center of a wreath of olive branches. Inscribed around the coin is "United States of America;" the entire design is encased by a rope like design.


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