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1 Ducat Gold Austrian Coin (Low Premium)

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  • Title: 1 Ducat Gold Austrian Coin (Low Premium)
  • Purity: 0.9867
  • Metal: Gold
  • Weight: 0.1109 oz

Full Description

A wonderful investment opportunity, the Low Premium Austrian 1 Ducat Gold Coin provides investors, and coin collectors alike a chance to hold a piece of history! Valued more for the .11109 troy ounces of .9867 gold, then its condition: owning a shiny piece of history has never been easier! 

The word Ducat is derived from the Latin word 'ducatus' which means 'relating to a duke'. The historical Austrian Ducats were initially used in European countries like Sweden, Russia and Holland. These were issued by Austria in 1612 and were regular till 1914. These are, without doubt, one of the most highest purity gold coins.


The right facing head of Emperor Franz Joseph I with the inscription 'FRANC IOS I D G AUSTRIAE IMPERATOR' surmounting his laureate head.


An impeccably designed double headed imperial eagle is adorned with superimposed Austrian arms. The inscription on the reverse side reads 'HUNGAR BOHEM GAL 

Full Description


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