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  • Title: $1.00 FACE VALUE MERCURY
  • Purity: 0.9
  • Metal: Silver
  • Weight: 0.715 oz

Full Description

The $1 Face value Mercury dime was struck from 1916 to 1945 is a ten cent silver coin which was designed by Adolph Weinman. The coin is also referred to as the Winged Liberty head dime and is often confused with the Roman god Mercury because of the image of a young Liberty wearing a winged Phrygian cap.


The obverse depicts the image of Liberty with a winged Cap and the words 'Liberty' and 'In Goid We Trust' on it. The reverse showcases the fasces with olive branch which represents unity, strength and peace.


Other Features

Weight : 0.07234 troy oz

Purity : 90% Silver, 10% Copper


Full Description


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